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Interpreting the current state of a business across areas that include Strategy, Risk, Resilience, Organisational Culture, and to provide advise and guidence to a desired future state. With over 160 years of experience of seniormost management professionals, the Sr. Fellows bring the most successful and tried ideas to their work. 

Business Meeting

Research support to businesses and industries to enable innovative design thinking. This includes governance, leadership, management, and operational processes.


Training of persons with passion in order to pass on to the future the accumulated experrience supported with knowledge. The courses cover a wide range of business management and leadership topics. 

financial advisory services. Asian advis

Advocacy to promote, represent and support industries or businesses in order to create a wider benefit to the nation.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching using Sir John Whitmore's GROW model, is a structured process that unlocks the untapped potential of people thereby transforms the organisation as well as its employees and puts both onto the path of long term success.

Mentoring is the handholding method and involves exchange of experience to the mentee. 

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