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Exclusive Webinar on "Influence" 

the Psychology of Persuasion

Friday 15th March, 1600 hrs


"Exploring 4 Case Studies: Small Changes Yield Significant Gains (from 55% to 520% boost!)"

Bas Wouters

Co-Founder and CEO of the Cialdini Institute

International best-selling and award winning author of "Online Influence” 


A bit about Bas

Bas is a globally recognized expert in influence, persuasion, and behavior design. With his online lead generator, he disrupted the Dutch kitchen industry and generated millions in sales. After he sold his company and founded the Online Influence Institute, Dr. Robert Cialdini – the ‘Godfather of Influence’ – asked him to co-found the prestigious Cialdini Institute and serve as its CEO. In this role, Bas helps thousands of influence enthusiasts globally get a YES more often, both offline and online. His extensive client portfolio includes Allianz, KLM, Disney and many more.

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